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3 Ways To Stop Your Snorkel Mask From Leaking

Snorkel masks are among the most popular ways to enjoy underwater snorkeling. They are a great way to keep your face dry while swimming, but they can also cause frustration among snorkelers and divers due to leaking. A leaking mask can ruin snorkeling or a dive trip. It can be dangerous if water gets into your lungs. It is therefore important to know how to prevent your mask from leaking. Here are a few tips to help you stop your snorkel mask from leaking.

1. Choosing the right size and quality

Snorkel masks come in different designs, qualities, and sizes. They are specifically designed for either small or larger faces, meaning it will not be difficult to find a mask that suits you.

If your mask does not fit you, it’s more likely to leak. Be sure to try on your snorkel mask before you purchase to ensure it’s your right size. When purchasing a snorkel mask, it is also critical to look for good quality. A quality snorkel mask will stop water from coming in and be more comfortable on your head.

The significance of choosing the right size is that a too small or too large snorkel mask can easily leak and be uncomfortable, posing a risk to you while in the water. When choosing a snorkel mask, try to look for the best fit and also ensure you check the mask reviews from previous customers before purchasing. Also, ensure that you use the mask for its correct purpose.

2. Tightening the straps

Whenever you put on a snorkel mask, it is essential to ensure that the straps are tightened to prevent the mask from leaking. It would be best if you snugly fit the snorkel mask against your face; make sure the straps are tight enough that there is no space between your skin and the mask.

Remember that if the straps are too loose, the mask might leak, and you may not breathe properly. There are various ways to tighten the straps on a snorkel mask, and the methods will vary depending on the mask type in your possession. For example, some snorkel masks have one strap over the head, while others have two straps that are passed around the back of the head.

If you have a single strap mask, pull the strap tighter so that you can make the mask snugger against the face. If the mask has two straps, you can adjust both straps to get a good fit. Once the straps are tightened, you should try putting on the snorkel mask to ensure it is not leaking. If it is, you will have to adjust the straps again or try another mask.

Tightening the straps on your snorkel mask is a crucial step to stopping the mask from leaking. If the mask does not fit snugly on your face, you haven’t tightened the straps well enough, or the mask is not the right size, the mask will likely leak. Every time you want to go in the water, ensure you have tightened the straps.

However, if you tighten the strap too much, the seal might break when you enter the water. If you have tightened the straps and the mask is still leaking, then probably the leak might be due to another problem.

3. Ensuring that there’s nothing trapped underneath the mask’s skirt

When using a snorkel mask, it is vital to check whether something is trapped underneath the skirt. The presence of a strange object can cause it to leak.

It would be best to do the following to prevent the mask from leaking due to a trapped object. First, ensure that you have the right size mask. If you have a bigger mask, it will more likely trap something underneath the skirt. Second, before putting the mask on, ensure you smoothen out any developed wrinkles in the skirt. Third, when you finish using your mask, make sure that you clean it properly and dry it completely.

This procedure will help eliminate any trapped debris or dirt from the mask that would have caused the mask to leak the next time you wear it.


The best way to stop your snorkel mask from leaking is to choose a high-quality snorkel mask and maintain it. If you care for your mask and keep it in good condition, you will enjoy your time snorkeling without worrying about any leaks. Make sure you choose the right size, use the mask for its purpose and tighten the straps before going into the water. Following these and several other tips can stop your snorkel mask from leaking during snorkeling.

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